Our Services

We provide a variety of fire extinguisher and fire safety services. With over 20 years of experience of servicing residential and commercial customers, we are the fire extinguisher servicing company you can trust! We make everything easy and affordable!

Fire Extinguishers

We sell fire extinguishers of all types and sizes including: Dry Chemical, Co2 Halotron, Water Mist, K Class, Water, and more. No matter what you need is, we have it covered!

Mobile Extinguisher Servicing

We come to you! We provide yearly servicing of your fire extinguishers which not only allows you to comply with the law but it keeps you safe.

Fire Safety Training

We’ll travel to you and provide fire safety training and demos! We do this for both residential and commercial customers. Learn the best fire safety do’s and don’ts and how to use your equipment safely and effectively.

Everything You Need

We have wall hooks, fire extinguisher cabinets, acrylic pane, signs, vehicle brackets, escape fire ladders, and much more. We have what you need in fire safety!

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